Install LLDB with LLVM and CLANG already installed

Hello Stephen Wilson

I've seen your tutorial about LLDB [\] and is
basically what i'm looking for about a long time.

I'm already build and install LLVM and CLANG through svn with the
tutorials of LLVM website and worked fine.
Now, following your tutorial, i just have to checkout LLDB in
llvm/tools in my 'src-root' directory and execute the 'configure
script' in the directory 'build' already created in previous build of
llvm and clang with the appropriate options and execute 'make' in the
directory llvm/tools/lldb.

That's right? Is necessary do some other step? Perhaps 'make install'?

Sorry about my english, i'm a brazilian developer.

You might need to have LLDB in the llvm/tools directory when you do your initial configure. If you download llvm/clang first, then configure and build llvm/clang, it probably won't pick up LLDB.

So remove your build directory and build fresh with a new configure/make.


Works fine here.