install llvm-tv on ubuntu

Does anybody install llvm-tv on ubuntu9.04? please share how to do it. Thanks very much!

My problem is as followed:

I follow the instruction of README in source of llvm-tv.

First, I installe wxWidgets and graphviz, and then download the source of llvm from and download poolalloc from Second, I compile llvm successfully but when I build poolalloc, it pour out some errors of the source of poolalloc. Then I chang to download llvm and poolalloc form release_26, and buid them successful. But when I build llvm-tv, it error as followed.

llvm-tv is unmaintained and has not been ported either to modern
wxWindows nor modern LLVMs. You will have to do substantial work to make
it run again.


huwei8717 wrote:

Hi Daneill, as far as I know llvm-tv is completely unmaintained and cannot be
to work. If you want to get it working then you will have to fix it yourself,