Installation of LLVM 2.2


I want to install LLVM 2.2 for some program analysis tasks. However, there are many errors as I am trying to install it. Is there any stable version available ?

I doubt you will find any support for such a old version of LLVM. You are probably on your own and your best bet will be to build it yourself. But none of the documentation for building stuff will be up-to-date.

Why do you require an ancient version of LLVM?

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Actually I was searching for some optimization bugs for LLVM. I got optimization bugs in LLVM 2.2 version as reported in bugzilla. I found some other bugs also which are related to optimization in some later phases in LLVM also. I was searching for optimization bugs for some program analysis task.


2.2 is a 14 year old release. I doubt any of those issues would be important anymore. Check the LLVM GitHub project and you will find the current issue tracker there.

Are these bugs still open in GitHub issues? You could start by verifying if they still reproduce in LLVM 14. When we imported all the bugs over, we did not automatically close old bugs.