Installing clangd-indexer

Hey all, we currently build clangd-indexer but do not install it. Is anyone else interested in having it install? I have a patch that will install it ( and I’m wondering what everyone else thinks. Does anyone disapprove or know something that I don’t? Perhaps clangd-indexer is only meant to be used by developers, not users. If it’s missing a feature that would make it more user-friendly I might be able to add it. Let me know. :slight_smile: -Mike Pozulp

Hi Michael,

We currently rely on background index as the default indexing approach.
So yes, clangd-indexer is a helper tool intended to be used by clangd developers, not the end users.

If you have a use-case for it not covered by background index, we would be curious to learn about it.

вт, 5 нояб. 2019 г. в 21:49, Michael Pozulp via clangd-dev <>:

Ilya, I tried out the background index today and it worked great. I’ll close my patch and switch to using the background index. Thanks for your help.

Glad it worked. Happy to help.