Installing llvm 3.4


I want to install llvm 3.4 on my Macbook Pro. Can you help me with the steps that I need to follow on the terminal?

If you only want to use llvm, not make alterations to it, then I suggest you install it via MacPorts.

Follow the instructions at:

Then in OS X type:

sudo port install llvm-3.4

You can also install it with the llvm34-3.4.2 packaging in the fink project ( using ‘fink -m install clang34 llvm34’. We also have the llvm35-3.5.2 packaging. Both of these builds contain the clang-omp changes from their github and openmp library from trunk so you have functional openmp support as well.

ps We don’t have the 3.6.0 release up yet as we waiting for clang-omp to rebase on that release.