installing llvm from source, make check-all fails on llvm::transforms and clang:preprocessor

I downloaded via svn the release_30 and current version code. I am on  x86_64
GNU/Linux, I am compiling with gcc 4.4.6

I compiled release_30 with 


and current release with


In both cases, when I 

 make check-all

I get :

FAIL: Clang :: Preprocessor/macro_paste_c_block_comment.c (2562 of 9598)
******************** TEST 'Clang :: Preprocessor/macro_paste_c_block_comment.c'

FAILED ********************

Hi Simona, these failures are due to the name of the path to LLVM/clang, see

/scratch/user/download/release_30/build/Debug/bin/clang -cc1 -internal-isystem

-Eonly 2>&1 | not grep scratch

This test checks that the word "scratch" doesn't occur in the clang output.
But because it lives under your "/scratch" directory, the word scratch does
occur, in the path.

note: CHECK-NOT: pattern specified here
; CHECK-NOT: load

Here it is checked that the word "load" does not occur. But because it lives
under "download" which contains "load", the word load is wrongly thought to

Yes, this is all very silly and shows a weakness in the testing infrastructure.

Ciao, Duncan.

-Eonly 2>&1 | not grep scratch

I'm pretty sure this one was fixed after 3.0 branched.