instruction description

I need the description of LLVM instructions on bitcode file. I can't find it
on any document. Reading the code costs much time. Does a description like
this exist ? It should look like the JVM Instruction set on the link bellow:

Thanks for any advise.



Hi Chris, Owen
Thank for your answers. I have read it before. I mean something different.
For example, I read a burst of bytes from a bitcode, which corresponds a
LOAD instruction: [0,3,0], it actually means something like "%tmp1 = load
i32* @x,align 4"

Is there a document, that describes how the information in instructions
decoded was ?
In the case of JVM, it was described detail, what the next bytes after the
mnemonic mean..


All of the documentation is available here:

You are probably looking for this one:

Note that it is not complete so you will end up having to read the code. Patches welcome,