Instructions for Building Clang+LLVM from the distribution sources

I have just been reading the Clang users manual for 3.4 which contains a lot of very useful information for users.

What I cannot find there are instructions for installation of Clang from the distribution sources.

I asked about this before (see below) but I am not aware of any answers.

Please add installation instructions to the manual.

Thank you



Thank you for that. I see that is another version of installation from the svn server.

What I was asking for is installation from the source distribution downloaded from LLVM for 3.2, 3.3 etc

I have done that myself but it is necessary to locate the source trees into the LLVM source tree.

The site you give is similar to the one on the Clang site itself which is also from the svn.

I think that much of the traffic on cfe-dev is among people who want to develop clang, which is very useful.

Hopefully there is a growing community of users, and until we reach the point where it is included in linux distributions people will need to install it. There are some interactions with other software they may have e.g. versions of gcc and so they may not always be able to install the latest version.

Best wishes