Intel is hiring compiler engineers in US/Canada

The Intel compiler team is growing and has several opportunities in US/Canada. Here’s some of the work we do in the Intel compiler team, all leveraging LLVM infrastructure:

  • C/C++ language standards implementation in Clang (C++20/C++23/C17)
  • Fortran language standards (F2008/F2017) and OMP language standards implementation
  • SYCL language standards implementation
  • Programming language standards committee members in C/C++, Fortran, Khronos and OMP
  • GPU offloading via OMP and SYCL
  • OMP parallel optimization
  • Intel Architecture enablement and exploitation for future processors (both LLVM and GCC)
  • Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) and Link Time Optimizations (LTO)
  • LLVM VPlan Vectorization

All of these roles are open as remote opportunities for the right candidate. DM me if interested or if you would like to learn more!

Lead Compiler Engineer - Santa Clara
Compiler Engineer - Toronto
Compiler Engineer - Hillsboro
Compiler Engineer - Santa Clara
Compiler Engineer - Santa Clara
Compiler Software Tools and Build Engineer - Hudson

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