[Interest] Qt 5 Creator 3.3 (Mac) Debugger locks up with endless error logging of "DW_AT_specification(address) has no decl"


I'm forwarding a message sent to the Qt interest ML yesterday, because it concerns an issue I've encountered as well. For me, it occurred when stepping over a badly chosen expression like (from KDE4's Solid libs):

            const int index = iface->metaObject()->indexOfProperty(d->property.toLatin1());
            QMetaProperty metaProp = iface->metaObject()->property(index);
            QVariant value = metaProp.isReadable() ? metaProp.read(iface) : QVariant();
            QVariant expected = d->value;

It looks like a combination of an lldb issue that's aggravated by the fact Qt Creator uses Python to control lldb. I have however been able to get out of the situation by repeating "Abort Debugging" twice, and a killall -9 of the app I was debugging.

What's going on here? I presume the OP uses Apple's current LLVM tool chain, like I do.


This happens when you parse DW_TAG_subprogram or DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine tags and they have DW_AT_specification or DW_AT_abstract_origin attributes that point to where the function was defined (its declaration context (which classes and namespaces it was in)) and we try to go and figure out the decl context for a type and we get nothing in response.

You can send me one of the .o files that are mentioned in the warning along with the warning that is emitted? Don't send it to the list, just send it to me with the appropriate message and I can look at the DWARF and see what is going on.

Greg Clayton