Interested in the GSoC project - Fix fundamental issues in LLVM's IR

Hi all,

I’m Kelvin, a final year student majoring in computer engineering. I have come across the GSoC project this year and I am particularly interested in the project - “Fix fundamental issues in LLVM’s IR”. I would like to know more about the details of the project and the level required technical skills before making an actual application.

For my technical background, although I don’t have much knowledge and experience in compiler development and LLVM IR semantics, definitely I am interested in it and I am willing to learn more about it. I do have some experience in using modern C++ language features and I have joined some research projects in school so I have some experience in reading academic paper and research.

Thank you for your time

Best regards,
Kelvin Wu

Hi Kelvin,

Please have a look at my previous answer here: