Interested in writing for the LLVM blog?

I take mailing lists and blogs to have different purposes.

For instance, Alex's weekly is a very important resource to me, even
though I follow the list closely, because a lot of what he reports, I
actually missed it. I'd love to keep that, even if it's not in the
blog (I actually read the emails).

Release discussions and validation happens on the mailing list,
obviously, but emails are hard to share with a wider audience. In
cases where we find problems or have a big change in behaviour,
sharing change logs or email discussions will never reach the wider
audience, which is our users. Blog posts are perfect for that, and
many products / projects already use it in that way.

But the high quality, in depth articles that we have today will get
lost in noise, I agree completely. Maybe that shows that we're not
using our blog as it could be used...

Most blog CMs have the ability to provide channels, so that different
types of posts go in to different channels. They can even have
different layouts, different URLs redirecting to, etc. In this way, we
can have the core development channel with only the in depth articles,
the news channel with Alex's posts and more light info on new ideas, a
release channel, publishing deadlines so that far away users that
would never subscribe to our development channels (or any other) can
follow at a distance.

We can even promote some of the "light news" channel stories into
bigger core development posts, and cross-reference Alex's reports on
the release channel to give some context, etc.

I personally never understood announcement lists, especially after 1999.


PS: I agree with Alex that our blog needs a big revamp in style. It's
really hard to read.
PS2: I agree with David that noise makes the blog very unappealing.
But instead of remove content, we should just reformat.