[intern ad] Compiler internship position in Samsung Austin R&D Center


SARC Software Architecture is seeking interns for 2016 to join a world class
compiler team supporting Samsung ARM microprocessor designs. Responsibilities
include research, design, development, analysis and optimization of
compiler software.

The Compiler intern will assist in establishing Samsung’s direction and
implementation of processor microarchitecture and development of
compiler technology. Interns will be involved with a wide range of
concepts from target independent optimization techniques, C/C++
language extension to target specific code generation and
optimization techniques including register allocation, instruction
scheduling, SW Pipeline, and scalar optimizations.

Along with the performance architecture team, interns will
characterize the performance
benefits of prototyped implementations through modeling, benchmarking
and existing platforms. Interns will work closely with and provide
feedback to core design, performance and software developers.

Duties will include:
• Proposing design, implement and defend compiler optimizations to team members.
• Reviewing code changes and design proposals from team members.
• Participating actively in target open source community.
• Upstreaming open source projects.
• Analyzing both client and server workloads and benchmarks for
compiler tuning opportunities.

Desired Skills and Experience

Preferred Qualifications:
Candidate will have had prior experience in development of compilers and
related tool-chain. Excellent written and oral communication skills
are expected of all applicants.

Desired skillset:
• Compiler middle/backend; LLVM is a plus.
• Code generation and low-level optimizations.
• Modern microprocessor architecture; preferably ARM architecture.
• Various operating systems (Linux or Windows.)
• Profile-directed feedback, other advanced compilation techniques.
• Post-compiler or link-time optimizations.
• Performance analysis or compiler tuning for client or server workloads.
• Programming languages.

Students in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (MS or PhD preferred.)

Location: Austin, TX

Please send resumes to j dot robinson at samsung dot com.