Interprocedural optimizations in LLVM

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Can Someone tell me all the interprocedural optimizations that LLVM 2.1

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Naineet Patel

Once you checkout llvm 2.1 sources,

$ cd lib/Transforms/IPO/
$ ls
ArgumentPromotion.cpp GlobalOpt.cpp LowerSetJmp.cpp
ConstantMerge.cpp IPConstantPropagation.cpp Makefile
DeadArgumentElimination.cpp IndMemRemoval.cpp PruneEH.cpp
DeadTypeElimination.cpp InlineSimple.cpp RaiseAllocations.cpp
Debug Inliner.cpp SimplifyLibCalls.cpp
ExtractFunction.cpp Internalize.cpp StripDeadPrototypes.cpp
GlobalDCE.cpp LoopExtractor.cpp StripSymbols.cpp

In llvm 2.1 sources, there is incomplete document describing optimization passes that may also be able to answer your query.

Yet another alternative is to build llvm optimizer tool 'opt' and do
  $ opt --help
to get list of optimization passes.

LLVM Documentation page,, has lots of information on how to build, use and extend LLVM.

You should be able to find them here:

— Gordon