Intrinsic::getDeclaration causing dump() segfault

In the following scrap of code (pared down from actually useful code),
the func->dump() command segfaults iff the commented-out line is
uncommented. This is with llvm 3.0. I'm only dipping my toes into the
waters of llvm for the first time, and have no idea what I am doing
incorrectly. In actual code, I would be wanting to call the memcpy
intrinsic eventually, of course.

int main(void)
    Module *module = new Module("testmod", getGlobalContext());
    FunctionType *ft = FunctionType::get(
        Type::getInt1Ty(getGlobalContext()), false);
    Function *func = Function::Create(ft, Function::ExternalLinkage,
                                      "", module);
    BasicBlock *bb = BasicBlock::Create(getGlobalContext(), "entry", func);
    // Value *memcpy = Intrinsic::getDeclaration(
    // module, Intrinsic::memcpy, Type::getInt64Ty(getGlobalContext()));


    delete module;

    return 0;

Hi Michael, when developing with LLVM you should always build LLVM with
assertions enabled, as then you get informative messages rather than
mysterious crashes.

Ciao, Duncan.