Intrinsics Change


As part of PR411, I have made several of the intrinsic functions non-
overloaded. While the assembler and bytecode reader are backwards
compatible, front-end writers should start using the non-overloaded
versions of the intrinsics. The llvm-gcc has already been updated to
generate the new intrinsic names. Other front-ends will start seeing
warnings about the names of intrinsics that need to be upgraded in the
front end. Here are the intrinsics that need to be changed:

  llvm.bswap -> llvm.bswap.i16, llvm.bswap.i32, llvm.bswap.i64
  llvm.ctpop -> llvm.ctpop.i8, llvm.ctpop.i16, llvm.ctpop.i32,
  llvm.ctlz -> llvm.ctlz.i8, llvm.ctlz.i16, llvm.ctlz.i32, llvm.ctlz.i64
  llvm.cttz -> llvm.cttz.i8, llvm.cttz.i16, llvm.cttz.i32, llvm.cttz.i64
  llvm.isunordered -> llvm.isunordered.f32, llvm.isunordered.f64
  llvm.sqrt -> llvm.sqrt.f32, llvm.sqrt.f64