Introduce Yourself Thread

Thread intended to say “hello” to community.

I thought since this is a fairly new discourse group this would be a good way for people who want to introduce themselves and talk a little about what development interests they have.

So I will start out my name is Mike I’m a software engineer. I like contributing to open source projects like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Kubernetes. When I’m not working I like playing my guitar.


I am Sam and I’ve been a hobby coder most of my life. My interest in LLVM started when a friend and I started writing a BASIC compiler for an AmigaOne computer with a PowerPC processor. Our hope was to support as many targets as possible. Now, years later, the WebAssembly target has become a reality but the friend I was working with, works in the HPC industry on a private version of LLVM and has a non-compete clause to go with it.

Recently unemployed after years of working as a laborer, my bachelor’s degree is old and stale and I struggle to get back into the field. One thing I’ve learned was that BASIC is best compiled using a pass-and-a-half technique rather than a 2 pass technique.

When I’m not tinkering with compiler technology and languages, I compose simple tunes using HivelyTracker.