Introducing a new built-in type to tblgen.

Hi all, my name is Elior Malul, and Intel employee, and it is the first time I’m writing to the llvm-dev community.

The purpose of that mail is a ‘recon-mission’ on a small tblgen feature I think might prove itself useful.

I would like to add a built-in types ‘pair’.

Pair is a compound type with two template argument: pair<ty1, ty2>;

The idea is to add a literal for that type (maybe something like (x,y), or x->y…).

As done with other built-in types, we could then add the method: Record::getValueAsPair(string).

Which will return a new class, PairInit.

I think feature will enable tblgen backends that need to build associative data structures to be more concise.

I will appreciate any feedback on the proposed feature. Thx allot, Elior