introducing cgrep, a cgrep-like tool for C-family language files

I would like to announce cgrep, a grep-like tool for C-family source files.
It basically lets you regex-search through C-family source files for
specific AST nodes. So for example you can search for member functions
that have "[Rr]un" in their name.
Currently Linux and Cygwin builds are supported.
Supported LLVM/Clang versions are 5,6,7,8,9 and 10.
Feature Requests/Suggestions are very welcome.
Here's the link:

This looks pretty cool Farzad! Would you be interested in merging it back to clang-tools-extras? It would get a bit more visibility and exposure that way,


That would be very cool. Where should I start?

I’d recommend starting by creating an RFC for cfe-dev talking about what that would look like. The clang-tools-extra folks could then evaluate and give you more advice. Thanks!


Ok, will do. Thanks.
Is there any specific format I should follow?
Somewhere I can look that up or I should just make a request on cfe-dev?

I’d take a look at other RFC’s on this list, e.g. a "clang rfc cfe-dev” google search. There is no fixed format,