Hello and good day.
My name is David and I am new here.
Through some situation of mine, I have been introduced to clang and thus found myself in a whole world.
A very different world compared to what I am used to with all the mention of llvm, optimization, compilers, ASTs, etc. Very high-level (PhD-level?) stuff currently way out of my league.
I am writing this to ask a few confirmation questions before asking anything else.
Is this mailing list only for those who are developing “on” clang?
Or can those who are just ‘dabbling’ in clang, like me who are studying on creating personal tools (ex: LibTooling) ask questions here?
Thank you,

Hi David,

While I probably won't be able to answer your questions - my gut feeling is you've found the right place. If you're in doubt please take a look at the archive to see if anything similar has been asked before

Assuming you feel it's list appropriate and hasn't been answered before - I don't think it can hurt to try.

Hi, and welcome. This list is for those who work on Clang and those who use the Clang libraries in their own work. So you are in the right place.

This list is not really for people who just use the compiler to build their code, although I’m not sure what the correct list would be.


We do have a cfe-users mailing list for that. Still intended for user
issues with Clang specifically, not just C++ programming questions,
but we certainly accept some amount of "clang did <X> and I don't
understand why" even when the why happens to be just normal C++ stuff.