Invalid link on Github


The link​ ​
on the Github pa
ge (
to LLVM git​ ​
redirects to 404 page. Can someone please fix it?


BTW, confusingly, there is actually a git repository living at that URL – it’s just that the directory doesn’t have an index.html, and there’s no gitweb instance, either.

Hmm. Since the git URL's changed recently I was inclined to believe
this was a simple oversight that needed to be updated.

However, AFAICT the listed URL's are more or less equivalent to the
new ones (""\) other than printing a
warning about being redirected to the new format.

Neither URL is suited for browsing via http/https, but both work if
used as a git URL.

While updating to the canonical URL's is a good idea regardless, it
doesn't seem it would help the described issue/experience.

Is there something that can be done to fix this?


We tried to serve both git and gitweb from the same URL, however, it
seems that Dulwich has a lot of problems under the load /
compatibility issues. This caused massive problems with git during the
first day after migration and therefore we decided to roll back to
"old" scheme, using "stock" git for server.

Interesting, thanks for the details.
Certainly sounds like the right choice, not that that was in question :).

I think I poorly expressed myself earlier-- what I meant was more:

"This message suggests llvm-mirror repositories have something
incorrect/misleading/outdated, but after some investigation it appears
things are more or less as they should be. Okay to close issue?"


I realize the last line of my previous message probably looked more
like a complaint about LLVM's git services/hosting, that was not my
intention at all (apologies!).

@Mahdi (OP): It's unfortunate that those URL's are clickable but lead
to 404's but I do like recording what remote URL's are being mirrored,
seems like the thing to do. Thanks for reporting this behavior, I
certainly was unaware. Do you have any suggestions about how to
improve the description to be less misleading or otherwise improved?

Thanks folks!


Maybe we can replace it with a clickable link like “”?

Or forward to