Invalid Signature of orc::RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer::NotifyLoadedFtor

Hi all, hi Lang

It's a little late to report issues for release_50, but I just found
that thing while porting my JitFromScratch examples to 5.0.
This is a really nifty detail, but (if I'm not mistaken) the function
signature of RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer::NotifyLoadedFtor is incorrect:

$ grep -h -r -A 1 "using NotifyLoadedFtor"
using NotifyLoadedFtor = std::function<void(ObjHandleT, const
ObjectPtr &Obj,
const LoadedObjectInfo &)>;
It refers to llvm::LoadedObjectInfo base class in llvm/DebugInfo/DIContext.h
instead of llvm::RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfo in

I think it should actually use the derived
RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfo, as this is what listeners expect:

$ grep -h -r -A 1 "NotifyObjectEmitted("
virtual void NotifyObjectEmitted(const object::ObjectFile &Obj,
const RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfo
&L) {}

It doesn't break OrcMCJITReplacement as it duplicates the issue and the
Info parameter remains unused:

$ grep -h -r -A 4 -B 2 "const LoadedObjectInfo &Info"
void operator()(RTDyldObjectLinkingLayerBase::ObjHandleT H,
const RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer::ObjectPtr &Obj,
const LoadedObjectInfo &Info) const {
M.UnfinalizedSections[H] =
M.SectionsAllocatedSinceLastLoad = SectionAddrSet();
M.MemMgr->notifyObjectLoaded(&M, *Obj->getBinary());

OrcLazyJIT in lli on the other hand doesn't make use of the
notification.It can however be reproducedthere too:

diff --git a/tools/lli/OrcLazyJIT.h b/tools/lli/OrcLazyJIT.h
index 47a2acc4d7e..41a7c99413b 100644
--- a/tools/lli/OrcLazyJIT.h
+++ b/tools/lli/OrcLazyJIT.h
@@ -62,7 +62,11 @@ public:
bool InlineStubs)
: TM(std::move(TM)), DL(this->TM->createDataLayout()),
- ObjectLayer([]() { return
std::make_shared<SectionMemoryManager>(); }),
+ ObjectLayer([]() { return
std::make_shared<SectionMemoryManager>(); },
+ [this](llvm::orc::RTDyldObjectLinkingLayerBase::ObjHandleT,
+ const
llvm::orc::RTDyldObjectLinkingLayerBase::ObjectPtr &obj,
+ const llvm::RuntimeDyld::LoadedObjectInfo &info) {
+ }),
CompileLayer(ObjectLayer, orc::SimpleCompiler(*this->TM)),
IRDumpLayer(CompileLayer, createDebugDumper()),
CODLayer(IRDumpLayer, extractSingleFunction, *this->CCMgr,

Diagnostic message:
error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'ObjLayerT' (aka
ObjectLayer([]() { return
std::make_shared<SectionMemoryManager>(); },

Hi Stefan,

You’re right! Fixed in r314436 – sorry for the delay!