Invoking lld for PE/COFF (Windows) linking using clang++

I build llvm/clang/lld from source on Windows using mingw-64/gcc-6.3. I use the appropriate target triple to compile clang targeting VC++ and am now trying to use lld to link the object file(s) into an exe. To do that I use the clang option -fuse-ld=lld. According to the llvm doc on using lld with PE/COFF on Windows at

"LLD supports Windows operating system. When invoked as lld-link.exe or with -flavor link, the driver for Windows operating system is used to parse command line options, and it drives further linking processes. LLD accepts almost all command line options that the linker shipped with Microsoft Visual C++ (link.exe) supports."

If I try passing to clang++ "-fuse-ld=lld-link" the compiler tells me it is an invalid option, so I pass "-fuse-ld=lld" instead which the compiler accepts. I then attempt to pass "-flavor link" on the clang++ command line, but that does not work either as clang++ sees it as two separate options and complains that "link" is not a valid filename. Alternatively I can successfully pass "-flavor=link" on the clang++ command line to the lld linker but then the linker tells me that "-flavor=link" is an unknown argument.

What is the "magic" invocation that will allow me to invoke the lld linker from the clang++ command, but get the linker to work in PE/COFF mode rather than in ELF mode, so it will link object files created by clang targeting VC++ ?