Is anyone experienced writing Sphinx documentation?

I’ve read through the docs, but honestly this is driving me crazy and I shouldn’t have to fight this hard to just to write some documentation.

Here’s the problem:

Look at llvm/docs/CommandGuide/FileCheck.rst

I want to add a table of contents that looks like this [] to that file. Nothing I’ve tried works.

(Also, no I’m not trying to add it in FileCheck.rst specifically, but rather in a new document that will be added to CommandGuide. But if it works in FileCheck.rst, it should work in my new document)

Try adding this just above SYNOPSIS (I think you also need to leave a blank line above and below):

… contents::


I feel incredibly stupid now because i was putting one : instead of two. Sphinx doesn’t even give an warning! Grr, so frustrating

I feel your pain – I didn’t get it right the first time either…