Is buildbot 0.9.x supported?

Hi Galina,

I’m in the process of upgrading my buildslave so that it runs under x64 Python instead of x86 python. Part of this means I have to re-install buildslave and get everything re-configured. I installed the latest buildslave and it gives me this error:

slave-side source checkout for 'SVN' is no longer supported by build slave of version 0.9.0b6

Since BuildBot 0.9 old source checkout method with logic on slave-side
buildbot.steps.source.SVN was removed (deprecated since BuildBot 0.8)

Instead please use new method which has its logic on master-side and has unified params list.
Using the plugin infrastructure it's available as buildbot.plugins.SVN

program finished with exit code 1

Do you know anything about this?  I can simply downgrade my buildslave, but just thought you m ight know something about this.

Please use older versions for buildslave.
The latest master buildbot have issues with high volume commits like we have in LLVM and likely will be not upgraded in the nearest time.