Is Clang my solution?


I’ve just known Clang looking for a soution to the task i need to perform. Well, what I need is to parser a C++ program in order to get some information about the code and, after that, to change the code regarding that information collected.
For instance, I would need to know if a certain program contains some arithmetic operators., obtaining a register with the line where the operator is located and which operator is. I’ve been reading about Clang and now I know you can go through the AST, but i’m not totally sure if it’s what I’m looking for.
Apart from the example I’ve commented above, I would need a lot of kinds of information:

  • What are the global and the local variables.
  • If there is an overwritten member when a class inherits from another.
  • If a method of a class is overloaded.
    I need that information because I have to change the original program once I have the register with the information. For instance, if in the code there is a reference to an overwritten member, I have to turn that reference into the hidden member.
    I hope you could lend me a hand. Thanks in advance.