Is inlining of functions containing OpenMP offload regions possible?

Dear all,

we are trying OpenMP offloading functionality in LLVM for a target architecture we want to implement. To this end, we tried to compile a code segment such as the following one:

inline void function (int const range)
#pragma omp target
     for (int i = 0; i < range; i++)
  ...device code

We expected that when calling this function, e.g. from main(), in the style


that the function would be inlined and accordingly, the constant "3" would be known to the compiler as compile-time-constant, so loop unrolling would be possible on the device. However, as far as we can see (looking at the bitcode file that is passed to the device toolchain), this does not happen, and the "range" parameter stays a variable and not a constant in the created code.

So my question is: Is this type of inlining supported, i.e., in the case when the function to be inlined contains OpenMP offload regions?

I would appreciate an answer a lot!


Kai Plociennik

Currently it is not supported as by default the outlining happens in the frontend which is unaware of context.

Best regards,
Alexey Bataev