Is it possible to create a new tag "MLIR" in this forum?


I am new to MLIR world. So as a beginner, often I come to this platform with noob questions.

But when I want to post such type of question, generally I select the beginner category. But I want to add a tag (i.e. MLIR) for more visibility regarding this topics among MLIR engineers, enthusiasts. Unfortunately there are none.
Vice versa, If I want to post it under MLIR category, there is no tag named as beginner.

So my cordial request to the authority of this beautiful platform, is it possible to consider this request?

Thanks in advance!

Done! Topics tagged mlir


When I started with LLVM/MLIR, I was afraid. But when I got to know this forum, I fell in love with MLIR. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot :tada: :tada:

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That’s great to hear! Yes I believe a lot of open and helpful people around here and discord helping folks understand and learn. But I could be very biased, so glad to hear :slight_smile: