Is it possible to generate a Clang annotated AST?

Hi, using the current version from the repository on Debug+Asserts mode I was able to generate Clangs AST on Gnu gv, however I noticed the tree provides no annotation to which part each statement it is referring to. For example, when it says binary operator I would like to know to which binary operator is it referring to. Is this possible with clang? I am using the ast-view option from cc1.

As a side note I noticed that the XML version of the ast does keep the annotation of the code names but I don't know about any tools that could take that as input or another of Clangs output to generate the tree.

Thank again in advance,


Apologize in advance for duplicates but I just found out about this list and I thought for the current question this list would be more related. If I am mistaken please let me know. Thank you.