Is it possible to use Python Interface on method CINDEX_LINKAGE CXCursor clang_getCursorReferenced(CXCursor)?

I noticed such method appears on line 2547 of the most recent python interface on production (the one with the token interface added by Gregory Szorc):

lib.clang_getCursorReferenced.argtypes = [Cursor]
lib.clang_getCursorReferenced.restype = Cursor
lib.clang_getCursorReferenced.errcheck = Cursor.from_result

I was wondering if this method is usable from the python interface and if so, which method encapsulates it?

If I understood properly, this method would be able to take as parameter cursors of the type CursorKind.DECL_REF_EXPR and return the cursor it points to on the tree. This would be of critical important on my current work, as it was the token part.

Thank you again,

Carlos Andrade