Is llvm-dev no longer the place for 'Projects built with LLVM' submissions?

Hi, I submitted Terra to this list last week without a response. With
the recent discussion about the focus of this list, perhaps needs to be updated so people like
me know the correct people to bother instead of being off topic?

I'm a bit confused,

Hi Josh,

I'm guilty of putting your original email in the round file, but I suspect
that your post was more likely on-topic good content. Don't be discouraged
by the lack of reply and you may want to ping that original thread so it's
at the top again. (The post which explains what "Terra" is)

Frankly, the important people who could give a meaningful reply were
probably either
a. Holidays
b. Busy arguing 9 vs 10 or whatever other bikeshed discussion that was
popular for the day
c. Just busy with work

The community seems to be undergoing maturity and growing pains.. hang in
there while we find an adult to help us sort this out.


Apologies for the delay, this is not off topic. As Chris said, just busy. :slight_smile:

If you get ignored (happens to everyone), just ping again (like you
did), and people will take notice (eventually).

I'm adding it to the docs, and will reply to your original request
with the commit version.