Is Math_AbsIOp's operand type conflict with Math_IntegerUnaryOp's defination?

Hi, all

From the defination in, it seems the Math_IntegerUnaryOp’s operand is a signless type, while for Math_AbsIOp’s operand it is a sign type, is it conflicit with each other.

// Base class for unary math operations on integer types. Require an operand
// and result of the same type. This type can be an integer type, vector or
// tensor thereof.
class Math_IntegerUnaryOp<string mnemonic, list<Trait> traits = []> :
    Math_Op<mnemonic, traits # [SameOperandsAndResultType]> {
  let arguments = (ins SignlessIntegerLike:$operand);
  let results = (outs SignlessIntegerLike:$result);

  let assemblyFormat = "$operand attr-dict `:` type($result)";

// AbsIOp

def Math_AbsIOp : Math_IntegerUnaryOp<"absi"> {
  let summary = "integer absolute-value operation";
  let description = [{
    The `absi` operation computes the absolute value. It takes one operand of
    integer type (i.e., scalar, tensor or vector) and returns one result of the
    same type.


    // Scalar absolute value.
    %a = math.absi %b : i64
  let hasFolder = 1;