Is r174746 broken on ARM?

Yes, a kind of - attached at


From: "Dmitry Antipov" <>
To: "Hal Finkel" <>
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 1:48:07 AM
Subject: Re: [LLVMdev] Is r174746 broken on ARM?

>> Okay, great! Can you please generate a test case? In case you
>> don't
>> know, an easy way is this: place an assert that will crash the
>> code
>> generation in the pre-dec case you've highlighted, then use
>> bugpoint
>> to produce a reduced test case for the crash.
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> Were you able to make any progress on this?

Yes, a kind of - attached at

I see that you've posted a proposed fix including a test case, great! In the future, you should post these to the llvm-commits list for review. In this case, I have only one comment:

Is is safe to add something like this?
assert(AM == ISD::PRE_DEC && OV <= 0 && "Offset for PRE_DEC must be negative");

Do you have commit access?

Thanks again,