Is sudo needed to run an lldb debug build (on Mac OS X)

Hi all,

I recently tried building and running lldb on Mac OS X (10.8) and I noticed the following error with the example:

python ../examples/python/ --breakpoint malloc --stop-command bt --stop-command 'register read' -- /bin/ls -lAF /tmp/Creating a target for '/bin/ls'
Current breakpoints:
1: name = 'malloc', locations = 1
  1.1: where = libsystem_c.dylib`malloc, address = 0x000000000002db7e, unresolved, hit count = 0

Launching "/bin/ls"...
error: failed to get the task for process 49480

However, if I run the above with 'sudo', everything works as expected :slight_smile: On Linux though, the above works fine without sudo.

Is sudo really needed or am I doing something wrong here?


You need to follow the instructions in docs/code-signing.txt to get a debugger that can debug w/o sudo on Mac OS X.