Is the CppBackend still supported?

Just noticed the deletion commit from Alex's weekly update.

We've been using 'llc -march=cpp' heavily to get a high-level understanding of what clang generates for our OpenVMS work.

That has been very helpful in us writing the GEM to LLVM IR middle end.

We don't use the output directly or try to compile it, but it certainly is helpful at a high-level. It was one of the cute things I liked about LLVM that I said "Duh, I wish we did that with GEM."

As another data point, when I was working at HP (for porting NonStop to x86), our IR dumpers also had a "C language" output. It wasn't perfect and it didn't always result in compile-able code, but it still felt easier to read than any sequential IR dump.

I would have preferred to add something to the cpp output to make it clear that it isn't guaranteed to be identical or even using the preferred techniques but left it in place.

Just my 2cents.