Is there a command line switch comparable to gcc's -fcx-limited-range ?


we have a fairly large code base that spends significant time in library routines like __mulsc3 and __muldc3 which are called whenever complex float or double types are multiplied.

To improve this situation for people who want to trade speed for C99 compliance of complex multiplications, the gcc compiler provides the command line switch -fcx-limited-range. It makes the compiler use the naive complex multiplication formula that does not explicitly check for Inf, and NaN and does not handle intermediate overflow properly.

As far as I know clang supports the #pragma STDC CX_LIMITED_RANGE ON to achieve the same effect. However it seems a bit overboard to add this pragma to hundreds of compilation units. Is there a command line switch in the clang compiler frontend that has the same effect? Alternatively, can pragmas be specified from the command line, similar to how -D allows setting #defines ?