Is there a guide to getting the needed headers and libraries for cross compiling?

Hi, I am trying to learn the intricacies of cross compiling using Clang. I read in the documentation that Clang natively supports cross compiling via the --target argument but you still need to provide the headers used for the target platform.

Right now I have a VS Code config that will call Clang and build for Windows on my machine. What I would like to do next is have a version of that config that will build on my Windows machine for a Linux machine instead, but I have no idea where to start in acquiring the needed headers to pass as an argument to Clang.
Hopefully if I can learn to compile for Linux on Windows the experience will enable me to figure out how to do the same for other combinations of corss-compiling, but nothing I have read so far has explained it in enough detail for how you go about the process.

For anyone who is curious why go about it this way instead of using something like WSL/CMake to compile, I am looking to create a “plug and play” portable C++ environment on a USB drive that will have a version of VS Code for Linux, Windows and MacOS and can compile for any other platform.

Thanks :slight_smile: