Is there a way to build a particular tagged version with the Git clone?


I was wondering whether there was any way of building a tagged LLVM when
using the Git clone?


# git tag -l

there don't seem to be any tags set. And there are only a handful of
branches. However, synchronizing the whole SVN repo is also impossible
because some chunks appear to be simply to big for the server side to
handle. So I can't create make my own Git conversion of the SVN repo.

Any ideas?



There are release branches in git mirror.

Thanks Anton. Yes, I am aware of those. The problem, however, is that
regularly those will be broken. I.e. if you try to build them they
contain errors that prevent a successful build.

Some of the projects have a stable branch, but not all do. So it's
basically hard to tell what can be and should be built.

Tags on released versions would be really helpful there.



If they are broken, then this is a bug. Please do report them. Release
branches should always be 'stable'.