Is there someone tried LLVM 2.1 on Visual Studio 2005?

Hello all,

Is there anyone has tried LLVM 2.1 on Visual Studio 2005?
I did but not succeed due to some build errors.
I seem to remember I read somewhere on this list it's compiled on VS2005 so I wonder...
Have a good night.


Hola Seung,

I don't know if 2.1 in particular worked. I updated the 2.2 win32
vstudio 2k5 files right before lockdown, so they should be building.
You will need appropriate versions of flex and bison installed. I used
the ones from getgnuwin32 on my machine.

Good luck.


I'm sorry, what is getgnuwin32? Is this just a cygwin shortcut tool?

If I have most of the cygwin dev packages downloaded already, do I still
need getgnuwin32?

Where do I find getgnuwin32, in any event?

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Hi there,

Did anyone try VS2008/Vista? There would a compile error (LLVM
2.1/2.2) at Line 126 in the file
// EnumerateLoadedModules(GetCurrentProcess(), ELM_Callback, 0);
Maybe MS changed the parameter type in the latest platform SDK.

A simple workaround. At line 47 in the same file,
// static BOOL CALLBACK ELM_Callback(PSTR ModuleName, ...
change PSTR to PCSTR, and everything is OK.

I don't know if this works for VS2005/XP.