Issue Template Display on GitHub


I’ve been working on creating some templates for GithHub issues. GitHub’s interface for users to select templates is confusing to me. The templates all have big green “Get started” buttons, but to file a blank issue there is just a link at the bottom of the page that is really easy to miss. Is anyone else confused by this interface? Here is an example.

I’m wondering if we should create a “Blank Issue” template so that it’s easier to find.

Discouraging “blank” seems best to me: ideally the default form would at least have folks choose some “product” (clang, LLVM, …) so that we get some tagging immediately there which will help for the triage.

We also have the option of completely disabling creation of “blank” issues if we wanted to. I like the idea of having the default form require some kind of high-level tag, I will draft something up.

However, there should not be many different templates – this will confusing for the users and likely the issues will use the wrong template

OK, good point. I will think so more if it’s worth having a separate template for regressions.

I don’t see a template choice, it just redirects to /new.

There were no templates implemented

I think there should be a simple set of templates like bug report and feature request.
The problem is that the labels seem to be hard-coded per template.
They do have issue forms now - which would allow a drop-down to choose the product - but I don’t see how you could turn that into a label. Maybe it needs to be combined with some Github Action.