Issues# 54651

Can anyone help me to specify the steps and process how i can solve this issue? I am completely newbies in LLVM.

Do you have a link to the issue?

I have update, the link now.

@csix done, i have added a link.

The steps to solve this issue are not yet known. Hence why people are discussing the issue.

I think the right approach to contributing to an LLVM backend would be to first understand how LLVM is designed (there might be books on the subject), then you get into a given processor assembly (again, maybe there are books on it), and then you can try fiddling with a given backend on your own.

Being a beginner myself in LLVM, I do not have yet any book to recommend, but perhaps there is some recommended book list somewhere around here.

What knowledge level do you have of assembly code, and compilers in general?