Issues with flag namespace

Hello Dmitry,

First of all, thank you for your reply. Because of it, I focused in create the lib that helped me.

Second, I realize that actually there was one thing different between the machines: due to a more frequent use of the iMac, I have a group of environment variables that are set to my developer folder; and the $PATH is one of those.

Furthermore, it seems that my default compiler for OSX (llvm-gcc 4.2.1) is not able to link opt when the --enable-shared flag is used for configure, but the latest version of clang + llvm (both from the git repo) is. So, if I compile a release version of clang+llvm, and use this version to compile my development version (Debug+Asserts and with shared enabled), I can generate the libLLVM-3.1svn.dylib. Finally, I was able to run MyPass when importing this lib.

Oh, and just for the record, the default behavior in OSX for the linker seems to be the same as Linux with the flag rdynamic on =)

Thanks again,