Java frontend


I have just read the LLVM paper (CGO'04) and thought
it was an interesting project. And, I am wondering if
there exists a Java frontend (that compiles Java bytecode
to LLVM code) as the paper mentioned. If there is any,
what is the status of it?

Pardon me if this information is obviously provided
somewhere in the LLVM web site.

Best regards,
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Purdue University


You can see the state of the llvm-java software here:

The docs are a few months old, but might contain some information for
you. As far as I know, the class2llvm program (which converts
Java .class files to llvm bytecode) is either finished or near finished.
I believe the runtime to support it is not ready, however. Alkis, who is
the author, can probably tell you more.


The Java front-end is still under active development. In addition to bugs still being worked out, it still does not support exceptions, GC, and probably more.


Reid and Chris,

Thanks for the info. I'll look into llvm-java.