JDiff plugin suggestion

It would be really nice if I could use the already very useful Jdiff plugin to also do a diff on blocks of code rather than just on files. I know I can copy the blocks of code to some empty file and save it under a name in order to JDiff, but this is a PITA compared to the ability to just highlight some code blocks and then ask JDiff to do a diff on them. I have often wanted to diff some blocks of code, where just manually looking at them to see the differences is much hard work. Since Dale Anson, who appears to be the maintainer of JDiff, is pretty active in JEdit, this message is directed mainly to him.

Has anyone else found the functionality I mention desirable ? Is there another JEdit plugin that can do what I want ? Thanks for listening ! JEdit as always is great !

Please ignore as I sent this message to the wrong mailing list.