jetbrains emails?

Around 3:30am Pacific (so ~7 hours ago) I got a brief flurry
of emails from, apparently related to
bugzillas, anybody know what that was about?

JetBrains is using clang in part of their CLion product - it could be
that they are filing bugs or helping fix them. (I'd need more context
to know why you are alarmed about these emails) If it was a technical
issue that resulted in extra (bad) emails, I'd be pretty confident in
(assuming) that it was an accident. In some parallel universe they may
be a competitor to where I work, but I've always known them to be a
great company.

Yeah, I got a bunch of those too. No idea why, the bugs themselves seem to be copied from LLVM bugzilla, and some of them are pretty old...

I know I never subscribed to the JetBrains bug tracker, so I'm a little annoyed. But those mails are trashed easily enough. :slight_smile:


The ones I got were all related to bugs where I'm on the CC list
so mainly I was wondering if this was some new unannounced bug
manager or something. It does seem likely it was a temporary
mistake on somebody else's part.

I got some, too.

Anton was trialing one of their products, importing some old bugzilla entries, so the emails were probably some harmless configuration fluke.


Yep. It was my fault - I do apologize.

See separate e-mail with full explanation.