[JIT] getImageBase() leads to crash under Windows10

Hello LLVM-people,

I have a problem and I hope that you could help me. I’m jitting some .BC files at runtime with the LLVM under Windows 7. Thanks to the function “getImageBase()” located in RuntimeDyldCOFFX86_64.h I’m able to support exceptions. But when moving the program to Windows 10, the exceptions will crash the program. I read that the __ImageBase is important for exceptions - so what is different from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Also other __ImageBase related code - like some switch statements - also crashes under Windows10 but not under Windows7.

Please help me!

Kind regards
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Just to make sure:

Both Operatingsystems have the same architecture (x64 or x86)?

And in both cases you JIT to the same Architecture?

They are both x64 and I also JIT to this architecture.