JIT: LibDeps.txt does not include all dependencies

If I try to link HowToUseJIT.cpp against the JIT without also linking the interpreter, I get the following linker error:

ld: Undefined symbols:

It's not obvious, from the source, what depends on this symbol, or why GenLibDep.pl didn't detect this dependency. Linking against the interpreter fixes this.


The symbol corresponds to:
llvm::Interpreter::create(llvm::Module*, llvm::IntrinsicLowering*)
which is not found anywhere in my libraries. Nor could I find it in my
source files.

I wrote a little script, findsym.pl and put it in utils to verify that
there are no occurrences of this symbol and it verified this fact.

So one of the following is true:

1. You're not working from cvs head.
2. You didn't "cvs update" to get Chris' changes
3. You didn't build after cvs updating.
4. You've updated and rebuilt since yesterday and the symbol reappeared.
5. Something else very strange is going on.

I have rebuilt my tree (after cvs updating to today's head) and
regenerated the LibDeps.txt file. There are no changes since yesterday
so I disqualify #4.

Can you check these items?