[JIT] LLVM or Clang - strange behavior

Hello Clang- and LLVM-Mailing list,

I have a strange problem and no explanation for it. I’m using two machines, one is a laptop and the other one a pc. On both of them I compiled the LLVM and Clang for Windows 64bit. This is my setup - now I explain what happened.

On my laptop I started to jit an empty bc file plus adding an obj file in pecoff format, generated by clang. The code of the additional obj file gets jitted and executed - everything fine.

On my pc the things are strange! I run there a different project, but with the same idea: jit an empty bc file and add a obj file in pecoff format generated by clang. But it does not work there! The obj file is loaded correctly also calls to jit code are working. BUT when the jit code has a reference to a function like prinft - then it fails!
So the address seem to be wrong calculated. But the jit implementation on both systems are the same and on the laptop even printfs are working. What could I have over looked?

Kind regards

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