JITCodeEmitter plans

Reid, et.al,

I cannot post the JITCodeEmitter efficiency patch for commital yet as it is still dependant upon the newer version of the MachineCodeEmitter being submitted, when it is replaced by the ObjectCodeEmitter. Anyway I have attached the code for you to look at. It is also a endian speedup patch for included. The ObjectCodeEmitter patch should hopefully go in this weekend.

There are inline raw*emit mehods, these and the reserveBytes method are intended on being used by the cpu *CodeEmitters so they just reserve the maximum instruction length and then use the raw methods to do writing. These and the endian speedup should help to make the raw mechanics of JIT code generation a bit faster.


2009/7/1 Aaron Gray <aaronngray.lists@googlemail.com>

Endian.h (688 Bytes)

JITCodeEmitter.h (14.2 KB)