[Job Ad] Anaconda is hiring an LLVM engineer for the Numba Python compiler

Anaconda is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to join our OSS team to work on the Numba project. Numba is an open source Python compiler created by Anaconda nearly 10 years ago for just-in-time compilation of numerically-focused code. Numba is now downloaded millions of times per month and used in a wide range of scientific, financial, and data science applications. Numba targets a wide range of CPU and GPU hardware, and is designed to help Python users write high performance algorithms directly inside their Python applications.

We’re looking to expand the Numba team at Anaconda with someone who has significant experience with the LLVM APIs and building custom compilers. Prior experience with Python compilation is not required, although some proficiency with Python is needed. Anaconda is a fully remote company, but currently can only hire in the United States, Canada, and Germany.

For more information, and to apply, see the job listing here:

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I saw recently some exciting investment in MLIR for Numba, are you folks hiring to work in this direction as well?

We are definitely keeping an eye on MLIR (and using it for a different compiler project here at Anaconda), but we’re not prepared to adopt MLIR for Numba quite yet. The role we are looking to hire will focus more on our migration from MCJIT to OrcJIT and other LLVM-related things.

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